A Unified Framework for Policy and Advocacy

As the House Congressional Rep. from Hawai'i, I will advocate for my constituents by making knowledgeable, thoughtful decisions when creating new policies. Every bill that comes through the chamber will be thoroughly evaluated. I plan to work across the aisle to develop and enact laws that work for everyone. My engineering background will be useful in Congress; clearly defining the issue, understanding constituent concerns, and methodically working through new ideas and solutions will be my goal. But most of all, I hope to share Hawaiian values, to both the US Congress, and the world, by showing fellow leaders how we can apply evaluative frameworks to our pressing issues and create optimal solutions for everyone.

Hawai'i as a Global Leader

Hawai'i is a contemporary, cosmopolitan society that serves as an epicenter of innovation. We have produced numerous influential leaders, notably Rep. Mink, Sen. Inouye, and Sen. Akaka, and we are home to thousands of people who are leaders in their own communities. I want to showcase our talented residents who bring enthusiasm and innovation to our community organizations, businesses, and schools and support them in their goals to serve the community. I want to support each person I represent so they can be world-class citizens who will help establish Hawai'i as a global powerhouse of innovation across many sectors.

Past, Present, Future

We all play a role in learning from the past and using it to make decisions in the present to define our future. We are the connection between our ancestors and the vast ocean of possibilities for our future. Understanding and reflecting on this connection on a daily basis will help me keep grounded and tackle problems knowing that I must always look 100 generations into the past and 100 generations into the future for every decision I make. In congress, I will ensure that we can be proud of our past, present, and future.