Kyle's Top Food Picks

  1. Foodland (Poke & Korean Friend Chicken)

  2. Zippys (Chili & Zip Pac)

  3. Sam Sato's (Dry Noodles)

  4. Tasaka Guri Guri (Guri Guri)

  5. Yummy's AKA Pearl's Korean BBQ (Meat Jun & Fish Jun or BBQ Mixed Plate)

  6. Komoda Store and Bakery (Cocoa Puff)

  7. Kula Bistro (Loco Moco or Kalua Pork Panini)

  8. Kihei Cafe (Kalua Pork Loco Moco)

  9. Cool Cat Cafe (808 Challenge)

  10. 808 Grindz Cafe (Any Moco)

  11. Ramen Ya (Any Combo)

  12. Genki Sushi (Sushi) - Note that this is a chain restaurant with locations in California

  13. McDonalds (Portuguese Sausage, Egg, & Rice Platter; Taro Pie or Haupia Pie; Saimin) - Note that McDonalds has unique menu items in Hawaii

  14. L&L (Chicken Katsu, BBQ Mixed Plate) - This is a chain, but you can visit the original location in Liliha

  15. Other (generally more) upscale restaurants that I could never afford. See:

Note: Its been a while since i've been to Maui, so some new, good restaurants may have opened up! Also, Maui tends to have a bit more upscale dining options available to which I haven't been. Hawaiian-Asian Fusion is also common in a lot of restaurants on this island, so if you're into that, then definitely DO NOT use my list at all. I left those out.