What is your agenda for Hawaii? Let me know! Fill out this form to tell me about 3 likes and 3 dislikes you have about something in your community! Now is the time to express your voice. Let us know how we can help YOU to have a happier, healthier life in Hawai'i.


I am interested in new systems of homeownership, such as guaranteed housing for all, in addition to promoting affordable housing. As a young adult myself, I have seen the difficulties of purchasing a home, and have found that even "affordable reserved housing" is often unaffordable to many. Most recently, I've seen the exorbitant costs in a few new housing developments in which even the affordable units would cost residents $2,000-$3,000+ per month. To solve our housing problems, I am considering measures that look towards temporarily banning or limiting foreign homebuyers in Hawaii, increasing taxes on foreign homebuyers, and/or restricting foreign buyers to leasehold purchases to leave more housing options available for our local community.


As someone who has worked on mobile applications used in healthcare interacted with clinicians to find new ways to integrate technology into healthcare, I realize that many rural areas have unique challenges. In addition to being underserved by hospitals, many residents deal with medical complications such as diabetes, heart disease, and more. I think that Hawaii is a unique place where we can develop new tools in healthcare, as a result of our diverse, rural population, while also improving the overall standard of care. I believe that healthcare is a human right, and that as your representative, I will invest and integrate new technology into Hawaii's healthcare system, provide support for rural community health, and examine new policies to improve health (such as preventative health care for all).


I have spent pretty much my entire life in education, as a student, teacher, and community organizer. I see how education transforms and empowers individuals to succeed. I also realize that many people do not have equitable access to education, which can significantly alter their life path. I believe in free pre-school and debt-free college options for all. I will fight for an education system that supports everyone; that allows people to pursue their academic dreams without worrying about paying for books, meals, or dorms. As someone who has been in the university system as a graduate student, I see how we can improve research initiatives to increase funding coming into our state, while also making Hawaii a hub for innovation. I have experience working with students and teachers to develop outreach programs as Executive Director and Founder of Honua Scholars. I hope to ease the burden on teachers and provide more adequate wages and workloads to support teachers and students throughout Hawaii.


Hawai'i has the prospects to become a sustainable economy, by integrating small businesses, agriculture, education, infrastructure, and community-driven needs. I hope to help Hawai'i develop into a global economic powerhouse, leveraging its resources, sustainability, and innovation to be a leader for the world. I aim to support the thousands of small businesses and young entrepreneurs who want to contribute positively to our community. When I think of our economy, I think of our ahupua'a system and working to use every resource sustainably from the mountain to the sea to our advantage.

Government Reform

I believe that we can use our values as Hawaiians to show Congress that being compassionate and working together is the best way to develop new policies. I will fight for voting rights, allowing for people to easily register to vote and cast their ballots. Everyone in Hawai'i has the right to vote and deserves unfiltered access to happenings in government.

Crime and Criminal Justice

Minorities are disproportionately imprisoned and charged with offenses, which can lead to a negative feedback loop that further damages our communities. I believe that we should examine the efficacy of our prison system for minor offenders, while also ensuring that those guilty of severe crimes are still served justice. The exorbitant cost of prisons and the privatization of the criminal justice system has ultimately hurt our community. Additionally, reforms in policing and public health will also help with minimizing violence while benefitting the community.

Native Hawaiian/Indigenous Rights

I will advocate for our Native Hawaiian community and seek new programs that will provide healthcare, housing, and education to our people. Hawaiians are at risk for major health problems, and have been constantly marginalized. As native peoples, we find ourselves having to constantly educate others about the injustices that we face to advocate for new solutions and initiatives to support our community. I hope to support indigenous peoples so that we can achieve our own goals and aspirations.


I will support initiatives that aim to reduce or eliminate the use of plastics, fossil fuels, and unsustainable materials. With the onset of global climate change, we are at a tipping point in defining our planet's future. I myself have sought vegetarianism as a means to reduce my own carbon footprint. I believe that we can introduce initiatives for companies and individuals to be more sustainable to combat global climate change. New forms of sustainable energy, carbon capture, and more are all initiatives of which I am supportive.

I am excited to represent Hawaii, because I enjoy meeting with all of our environmental organizations who work to introduce sustainability to the community. Similarly, I believe that nationwide, members of congress can seek guidance from indigenous, sustainable practices. In the future, I want Hawaii to have clean water, fish, and sustainable farming to be self-sufficient.

Foreign Relations

Hawaii has a unique location distant from the continental US. This allows us to collaborate with nations throughout the Pacific to develop new business and educational initiatives. Most recently, as Executive Director of Honua Scholars, I have met with representatives from the Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship at University of Hawaii, and learned of new programs that seek for integration of culture, innovation, and education.

Outside of the Pacific, I hope to promote social networks that inhibit the spread of misinformation to allow citizens throughout the world to participate in democracies best-suited for them. I also seek to end pointless wars and to promote diplomacy that encourages the elimination of nuclear weapons while also ensuring national and global security.